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De-Icing / Anti-Icing procedures and its impact on Flight Time.

The FAA has just clarified its interpretation concerning the the proper accounting of flight time with respect to De/Anti-Icing procedures.

Silverberg-Silverberg, Goldman & Bikoff

Acclimatization / Split Duty and more …

The FAA just posted a letter of clarification.

A4A – ALPA full letter final (4)

Questions answered include:

Acclimization following DHD

Split Duty

FDP Extensions

FDP Start Times

Additional legs with respect to FDP end times.



Definition of a Diversion

The FAA issued a clarification concerning the definition of a diversion.

While a Gate Return / Air Return and enroute diversion are considered a diversion.

A planned stop for fuel, known before departure from the gate, where the flight has been dispatched to is not.

The attached document aids in clarification.

de Cubas-ALPA – (2014) Legal Interpretation

FAA Clarification for Fitness for Duty

The FAA on 12-Feb, clarified the requirement to affirm Fitness for duty at time of acceptance of a Flight/Dispatch release with each flight.

Edwards-IslandAir – (2014) Legal Interpretation

FAR 117 – Quick Reference Guide

For your reference:

FAR 117 Tutorial web app

FAR 117 Tutorial App

FAR 117 Quick Reference Guide

Thanks to all my readers and contributors.

I launched this blog on 25-December-2012, with the explicit purposes to aid the airline industry, labor and management, in having an unbiased interpretation of the new regulations FAR 117 – Flight and Duty Time limitations and Rest Requirements: Flightcrew Members.

In that time I have learned a great deal, and I hope my readers have as well.

I have always striven to keep the information as current as possible.

Lately, I have found that many carriers have some different interpretations, and have seen that these interpretations lend themselves to a specific business models, but in the end they maintain the full purpose of the regulation as currently written.

I expect that over the next few years, the FAA will continue to clarify the regulation.

Thanks again for your support, over 70000 views and numerous requests for information.

Garret Healy

FAA clarifies 30 hour rest in 168 hours during transition from 121 to 117

The FAA has just issued a letter of clarification concerning the 30 hour rest requirement under 117.25(b).


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